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failfox replied to your postDid my Humira loading dose injections yesterday

How often do you do Humira at how many mg? What are the differences between the pen and the syringe? Can you do it at home after your first few times or does it always take place at the hospital?

Hey Stewart, So for my Humira loading dose I did 4 injections at, I believe, 40mg each. I did this first set at a clinic so that a nurse could teach me how to do the injections. The differences between the pen and the syringe are: Pen: you don’t see the needle, you press it to your skin and click it and hold it until the yellow indicator shows up and then let it stay for 10 secs and the fluid goes in at the rate the pen wants. I have also heard of some malfunctioning pens that don’t discharge properly and you remove it and it squirts everywhere. Syringe: you see the needle and you need to do it all yourself but there is more control as far as how much goes in at what rate. When the nurse did the first injection she went pretty fast and it stung quite a bit. When I did my other 3 injections I went relatively slow and it didn’t sting. Now that I’ve been trained I can do it all by myself at home. I live in Canada so I’m not sure if it is the same in the states but if I feel uncomfortable doing the injections myself I can have a nurse come to my house every 2 weeks to give me my injections. So the next dose I get is in 2 weeks I’ll finish my loading dose with 2 injections and then after that every 2 weeks I give myself one needle.

Hope that answered your questions! :)

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